Australians Want Translational Medicine to dictate the Treatment Guidelines for Newly emerging Diseases

Australian Families want to see a change to the way the Australian Medical Community determines its Treatment Guidelines for newly emerging diseases.

For decades ordinary families have endured the unnecessary and extra burden of incorrect Treatment Guidelines in the Australian Medical Journal (AMJ) that insist their loved ones illness is purely psychiatric in nature and holding no organic basis of disease.

These Treatment Guidelines are not backed by Biomedical Research data, but assumptions as to the relevance of such research and the doubt of research providing any further answers.

These assumptions are then rigorously outlined and enforced upon seriously and chronically  ill people.

This is not Evidence Based Medicine and is not even Good Medicine.  It is a form of psychological abuse and a license to neglect disease within the Australian Population.

There is a Clear Need for our Australian Government to hand down a Directive to the Australian Medical Association that clearly outlines the procedures for Newly Emerging Diseases. 

It must dictate a clear message that newly emerging diseases must first be thoroughly investigated by a team of dedicated virologists, under the mandate of a rapid response investigation and extensive Biomedical Research must be undertaken prior to the  acceptance of hypothesised Psychiatric based Treatment Guidelines.

This rapid response team of virologists already exists within Australia under the superb guidance of the The Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries and is responsible for the fast tracking of viral identification in neurological symptoms of horses and the rapid production of a drug prototype that has saved both human and animal lives.  

These are the people Australians want looking after their research and not the current medical journal essays.  Assays and not Essays will save Australian Families from further  medical disregard and the misery of medically unattended disease processes.

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